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We create our case studies for one important reason: to help you learn from the best.

Written by our Business Writer and proofread by our judges, they give you the inspiration to succeed on your own awards journey!

Creation Strategy

We research

Using our database of more than 200 entries, we select the best entries for use as a case study.

We analyse

As well as sharing the full entry form and judging feedback, we include 3 best practices to help your business

We share

Having analysed what's great about an entry, we present it in an easy-to-read case study

How do we decide topics for our content?

Over the last 12 years, Awards International has accepted more than 10,000 submissions to our various events. The unique nature of these entries lets us see an extraordinary cross-section of the global business community, and enables us to spot patterns and trends. In short, we can see what's working and what's not.

In collaboration with our Gold Winners, we use this information to prepare Case Studies and White Papers, where we unpack the creative ideas and strategies that have lead organisations to phenomenal success.

In addition, we prepare a series of resources that can help customers on their awards journey, such as a Plan2Win advisory document, the scoring criteria used by the judges, and examples of entry forms and feedback reports.

These Awards are more than just a competition - they're a chance to share knowledge. And that's what our content aims to do.

We conduct research on specific trends

We arrange meetings with our winners from previous awards

We write Case Studies

We send them to Judges for proofreading and then publish them


Scott Morison

Head of CX

"Entering these awards is a big driver of engagement for an organisation. It's a motivating experience for your team as they take a day away from the business to celebrate their hard work."

Tim Pritchard

Managing Director
@ Kantar

"Cracking event, as ever! I want to say how fantastic the Awards International team members are, and thank them for assisting me in my role as Chair of Judges. They were super-organised in the lead-up to the event. Faultless!"

Tracey Clough

Strategic Customer Complaints Manager
@ Hitachi Capital

I definitely advise companies to consider entering the awards - I think it's been a fantastic experience! We were very nervous but the whole thing has put us at ease and it's been a really good team building exercise.

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