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Every company is encouraged to apply for as many categories as you want; there are no limitations in this respect. Go through the list and choose the most appropriate category(-ies) for your initiative.

You can also apply with several different initiatives, not just one (no limitations for this as well).

Best Real Estate Project

This category is for projects that can be considered a new benchmark in the industry, of which your company is especially proud. It is usually a project that has a positive impact on the real estate industry as well.

Customer Happiness

In real estate, just like in any other industry, it’s all about h2h (human-to-human). If you have a community that can set an example for this, where human relations are highly valued, and where customers are the happiest, apply and see how you rank.

Best Technology

Technology is very important because it facilitates work and helps a company in becoming more productive. What kind of technology are you using? If it’s the kind that sets an example, we’d love to hear about it.

Customer Experience Initiative

Without customers, no business can survive. Have you gone to great lengths to make sure your customers are completely satisfied with your services? Describe your CX initiative that has resulted in happy customers.

Crisis and Safety Management

A sign of every serious company is the amount of work that goes into crisis and safety management. This was easily noticeable in 2020, with the outbreak of Covid-19. If you had to react to an unexpected safety hazard, or managed a crisis in your work, document the process and show how it’s done.

Real Estate Consultancy Company

Are your services focused primarily on consultancy? Or is consultancy a major part of your projects? Consulting services are inseparable from real estate, as there are always many issues to address.

Best Sales & Marketing Campaign

Have you come up with a marketing campaign to outshine all others? If your company created a campaign that resonated extremely well with your audience and increased your sales, share it with the panel.

Sustainable Green Development

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, and it cannot be more visible than in real estate. Every successful project needs to incorporate green development; show how your company tackled this issue.

Best Owners Association Management Initiative

What initiative of this type are you especially proud of? Have you initiated it, and what were the results? What are the key takeaways from the initiative? Explain in detail for the judging panel.

Best Employer in Real Estate

This is considered a great honour, as there are so many companies, hiring a lot of workers. If you can show that you can be awarded as the best employer, present your results and claim your title.

Best Property Agency

Property agencies represent the pivot of the real estate industry. Do you have exquisite customer services? What is your approach to handling objections? What are your top achievements here? Share it with us.

Best Digitalisation Initiative

What actions have you taken in digitalisation? This is the future, and no company would be able to stay in the game without aligning with digital practices.

Best Facility Management Company

Facility management is an area where a good company can truly shine. It includes all the services for improving the quality of life within a facility, from efficiency and safety to functionality and comfort.

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