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The Gulf Real Estate Awards are here to recognise and celebrate outstanding results and achievements in Real Estate.

Our entrants will get a unique opportunity to showcase business practices that bring success and improve the industry as a whole.

We invite every successful organisation to take part and present their success story to professionals from across the Gulf region.

* Our prestigious awards program is open for any company from the industry, regardless of type and size.

  • Early Bird Entry Deadline

    NOV 25
  • Entry Deadline

  • Finalists Announcement

  • Early Booking Deadline

  • Booking Deadline

  • Awards Finals

Winners 2022

Reasons to Enter

Be recognised as the best in the industry! By taking part in GREA22®, you will get a unique opportunity to:

  • Spread the word about your business in the region
  • Present your implemented solutions and results
  • Further strengthen your position in the market
  • Network with fellow professionals from Real Estate
  • Learn more about new industry developments

There are 13 categories to choose from; you can find the best match for the achievements you want to present. Check out the categories here.

Winners 2022

How to Enter

Taking part in GREA22® is very easy – in just two simple steps!


Choose the category(-ies); find those that reflect your organisation’s success. You may enter as many initiatives as you wish. Also, you may submit the same entry across multiple categories, if it applies.


Submit your entry form; the online entry form is your key to impressing the judges, so make the best of it! Present all the valid reasons why your initiative should be highly appreciated and awarded this year.

Once you sign up to enter, you will gain access to the form via your login details. The written entry represents 50% of your finals score.

After you submit the entry, our judging panel will first score and shortlist the finalists. If you are selected, on the day of the finals you will present your entries live before the judges.

Winners 2022

Ethical Awards

Awards International is committed to maintaining trust and creating equal chances for all our entrants. We received the “Outstanding” Gold Trust Mark for all our awards programmes in 2021.

All our judges complete a thorough application process, so that only the most suitable industry professionals get the opportunity to score your entries.

There are at least 3 judges per category (maximum 6), and each entry is scored at least ten times. The average scoring time is 7.5 hours.

This guarantees that finals decisions are made independently and objectively. Also, our unique proprietary software guarantees complete visibility of the entire process.

Meet the Judges


Taking part in GREA22® carries with itself many unique networking opportunities.

At the finals and the awards ceremony, hundreds of our finalists, judges and other participants will have a chance to connect and network in our breakout rooms via our Awards Manager app.

Every participant can:

  swipe through entrants’ profiles
  match with fellow professionals
  arrange discussions

Sponsors & Partners

Winning an award at GREA22® a major boost for any company – and you can be a major part of that great success!

We are happy to work with organisations that want to support successful projects and initiatives in Real Estate from across the Gulf region.

This will allow you to help businesses change for the better, but also to make your imprint upon the industry.

To learn more about specific options, contact us here.

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