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Apply to Judge

What Does the Judging Role Involve?

  • Learn

    how leading companies in real estate are setting industry standards and achieving noticeable results.

  • Access

    both written submissions and live presentations by companies, offering a unique insight into their business strategies.

  • Inspire

    entrants and winners long after the finals by providing your valuable feedback in Benchmark Reports.

Apply to Judge
The Benefits of Becoming a Judge

  Become a member of The Judge Club

  Develop and strengthen your personal and professional brand

  Share your expertise and further inspire the finalists by guiding them and improving their strategies

  Keep up to date with innovation in real estate, amid the ever-changing market

  Network with the other judges and finalists to establish stronger bonds

  Attend the Awards Finals and celebrate with the winners

Make use of exclusive promotional material including your very own Awards judge logo to promote on social media.

Apply to Judge
Your journey to becoming a judge

  • 1

    Express Your Interest

    Contact Milica Jovanov on +44 2086387946 or via email milica.j@awardsinternational.com to receive an overview of the whole process and learn more details about joining the Judging Panel.
    Book a Call
  • 2

    Have your application reviewed

    If your experience and expertise meet our high standards, you will be assigned to an appropriate category by your Awards International consultant.
  • 3

    Confirm your place

    Take advantage of the Early Bird offer and reserve your panel place for 1,999 AED, or 2,499 AED for those booking after the Early Bird Registration Deadline.
  • 4

    Analyse written entries

    You will have four weeks to go over the entries and say which ones you find worthy of reaching the Awards Finals to present LIVE Online. The scoring will be conducted via our online submission system.
  • 5

    Join us to judge GREA22® finals

    At the finals, you will listen to 15-minute presentations from finalists in your category before scoring each one after your chance to scrutinise further through a 15-minute Q&A session.

    The feedback you provide in written form is also very important; it will be collected and compiled to help guide the finalists further.
  • 6

    Network and connect

    Join hundreds of finalists, judges, and attendees to connect at GREA22®. This is a unique opportunity to improve and develop professionally, as you learn, gain insight and share advice from your area of expertise.

Meet the judges

Apply to Judge

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