How To Get Your Business Up and Running In 2022?

We have a New Year's present for you! We've invited 3 Real Estate experts that do business in the Gulf region to talk about the future of Real Estate. With the insights they've shared, you'll be readier than ever to enter 2022 successfully!

For this occasion, we had the pleasure to discuss the importance of CX, Employee Engagement and sustainability in the Property sector with:

* Rim Bdiri, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Winston Management Consultancy FZC LLC
* Karim Badreldin, Co-Founder and managing director of Dreamcatcher Real Estate
* Abdullah Bogari, Founder and Managing Director at Blueprint Consultancy Services, and a double Gold Winner of GCC sustainability Awards in the area of Green Building and Waste Management

We'll make a two-part series of blogs filled with valuable information these experts shared, this being the first one!

The host of the panel discussion was our very own Aleksandar Ilic, Regional Manager for the Gulf region. One of the first and probably the most important questions was:

How would you focus on improving CX in the future in Real Estate?

"It's very important to always put the customer's voice first. You have to know their needs well, and pursue exactly what they want", Explained Karim, "When it comes to Real Estate, you have to be aware of their precise needs. This enables you to advise them, giving them the pros and cons of any potential calls they are willing to make."

Rim added: "The market needs to move from the module of customer support/service to a customer success module, one that takes care of the customer journey both offline and online. The companies need to start looking at segmentation, they need to segregate and segment communication with customers, and they have to understand what's the most significant factor - Customer Experience. Anyone can design similar products and services, but your USP lies in the CX you can deliver. People would rather pay extra for the right experience than save some money and get bad service."

Does design need to be primarily focused on people's needs or should you offer pre-made services and packages?

"You need to offer exactly what the customer needs. If you don't understand that and the market, you will not be able to sell your products. You always have to be ahead of the game. We are now seeing a shift to larger spaces." she continues. "There's also a mental shift in people's engagement: in the past, lots of people used to live to work. Now, after everything the pandemic brought us, people's mentality switched to work to live. Company leaders need to understand this and act accordingly."

What are the benefits of going green?

"We see that going green is the focus of world leaders, and for a reason. The building sector accounts for 58% of all energy-related CO2 emission ( building construction industry included). Also, construction material is the 2nd highest consumed material globally, right after water. When we take a look at the cement industry and picture it as a country, we'll find it's the 3rd largest CO2 emitter country in the world (after the US and China).", Abdullah noted, implying that the regulatory shift is bound to happen, it's just a matter of time.

"Perhaps one of the biggest challenges when going green is to make a profit. Nowadays, they (companies) might need to change or improve processes, which might require capital investments. It needs to be affordable for the end-user. This is one of the main challenges - value for money.", he explains further. He explains that now, a lot of people want to own a house, and green houses aren't as affordable."

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If you want to meet and engage with these and other Real Estate experts in person, we can offer you a few ways to do this. Join The Judge Club and fortify yourself as a credible authority figure in the industry, or enter the Gulf Real Estate Awards '22 and take your brand image to the next level by becoming a true leader in the Gulf's Property industry. 


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